Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog

Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when the Rahu is placed in the 10th house and Ketu is placed in the 4th house and all the rest houses are placed within the axis of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope of the person. It is the most dangerous dosh out of the 12 dosh. Kaal Sarp Yog is also formed when anyone from Moon, Sun, Venus, or Mercury is outside the Rahu and Ketu axis. This is the chart showing the placement of planets in the horoscope.


Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog can affect the person with various problems like house, parents, family, wealth, vehicles, protection, health, career, status, authority, image, etc.  It causes a variety of problems. It mostly affects the childhood of a person and even health issues are more to the native. Native also face psychological problems like depression, schizophrenia, insanity, hysteria, or bipolar disorder.

Effects of Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog:

The native will always be confused he will never have thoughts and will never be able to make proper decisions. If the native is doing business, then he will have to suffer many breakdowns in it and if the native is doing a job then he will not be stable in it. Due to Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog, the native will have less mental peace as he will be surrounded by enemies, depression, and legal issues. The person who is affected by this will not be happy all his life as Rahu is sitting in the house of happiness. It affects the childhood of the native and a lot of health issues are faced by the native sometimes it may kill the native also. It affects the marriage life of the native before and after both. Sometimes the native does not get married till late in life like till the age of 41 that is due to the strong effect of dosh.

While there are mostly negative effects of Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog, it also has some positive effects also like:

  • Nominal Investment Is Good For Native
  • Professional and Financial Gains
  • Fruitful Travelling and Relocations
  • Good at Advising Others
  • Change is very good in life
  • Overseas Relationship Beneficial
  • Have Good Decision-Making Power


But as science has developed it has found various ways to solve different problems of life and astrology have various solutions to solve a different problem. And Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog can be solved or removed forever, and the ways are:

  1. Wear a Triangular Coral Gemstone on copper, in the middle finger of the right hand in the morning on any Tuesday.
  2. You should always read Hanuman Chalisa. And you should not eat anything on Tuesday and put the vermilion paste in jasmine oil and offer it to Hanuman Ji and take use Bundi ka ladoo as dainty.
  3. Read Ganpati Atharvashirsh on every full moon day.
  4. On any Friday donate blankets, coconut with fibers, along with epilogue, oil, black cloth, peel.
  5. You should keep fast on new moon day while doing that you should remember your ancestors, worship lord Shiva and the serpent naag- Nagin. And dip them in the water.

After using remedies for Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog, you should use some precautions so that you don’t get much affected by this. And the precautions are:

  • You should not use any intoxicants like bidi, cigarettes, liquor, etc. If you do not even do, donate bidis, cigarettes, alcohol as much as you drink and smoke, on Saturday.
  • You should not buy old items, nor take them from anyone.
  • You should not wear black, blue, brown clothes around your waist, wear bright colors clothes only.
  • You should not sleep in the day, and work out early in the morning, or run in the park.
  • Never make a partner in trade and business. Beware of neighbors too.
  • Do not reside in empty space is there around the house.
  • Follow the advice of your father. Do not argue with him.

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