Best Baby Toys That Help With Development and Learning

In the first year, everything is new to babies as they realize they are out of their mother’s womb and have entered the world. They slowly start to discover new things. Focusing on bold colors, took their first few steps, and started recognizing you can be the first few actions from your baby side that you must have probably noticed.

The colors and the voices you make in front of them start to recognize it and react accordingly. Your child can learn new things daily while playing his favorite games. With time they will develop a basic understanding of how things are, who their parents are, what an apple is, and so on. There are so many baby toys online that are available in the market which will help your child in his overall development process right from their childhood.

So, here we listed some of the best toys that can help your child with their overall growth and learning.

ABC Wooden Puzzle

This puzzle game will help your child to develop their understanding of alphabets and colors at the same time. They are completely safe as they are made up of non-toxic material and are big enough to not get in your child’s mouth because at this age everything goes straight to the mouth. They have no sharp edges that can bruise them in any way. Therefore, if you’re looking for games that can make your child learn new things then this is your top pick.

Musical Play Mat ABC

Music is anyway calming, soothing, and relaxing for your child. This ABC mat is yet another game that helps your child to learn alphabets while pressing different areas in search of music. It has all the bright colors to grab your child’s attention and can become one of their most favorite games of all time. Not just that you can avail these items from baby online stores in New Zealand easily.

Musical Guitar Baby Toy

Babies love a variety of things, this musical guitar can be their absolute favorite if they are obsessed with music. It helps your child to develop emotionally and intellectually along with it, it can be a fun activity in your baby’s routine with all the disco lights and musical sounds in it. Maybe in the future, this hobby of his will turn into a new passion.

Honey stick Beewax Crayons

A two-year-old baby is completely obsessed with crayons. Their bright colors grab all their attention and they want to paint everything possible right from walls to floors, everything for them is a plain canvas. But sometimes it can be harmful to your child because of the toxins present in the colors. These honey stick beeswax crayons are 100% natural crayons made from pure beeswax from New Zealand with no toxic pigments in them. So that your little one can express all his love for paintings.

Smartmax Magnetic Discovery

This magnetic game will help your child to explore magnetism safely. They can build different structures using this. They are big in size so that your little one can hold them properly. It includes about 42 pieces with magnetic balls and bars to hold on to your structures strong. Your 1-year-old baby can play with it easily and for grown-ups, it can be a fun activity to make bridges and towers using it.

These are some of the best game options that you can pick for your little ones or are great for gifting purposes. You can indulge them in fun activities and can teach them new things daily. Aside from games, if you’re planning to gift something useful for a newborn baby in your family then choose the best nappies option available and wrap them up.


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