Why Will YouTube Go Full Screen?

YouTube has long since been used as a free service for sharing online videos, but does it actually have to stay this way? Recently the Google-owned site has implemented a new feature that will allow users to switch to the desktop version of the video they watch without having to leave the current page they are on. Many are speculating that Google is trying to consolidate its Chrome browser into another search engine called Google Chrome. This would mark the biggest change in the world of desktop-based YouTube since it will effectively be replacing its current video player-based navigation with something that is closer to a web browser.

When I was looking around the Internet for information on the possibility of YouTube going fullscreen, I couldn’t find any legitimate reason as to why it would happen. It doesn’t make any sense, because if you take a look at how YouTube works, you will notice that all of the video players on the site are already designed to be viewed in the fullscreen mode. You won’t be able to click on any specific player until you have gotten out of the small player window you’re viewing the video in. This means that you won’t be able to access any of your favorite videos until you’ve unpacked and switched to the desktop version. And since most people use YouTube for work-related purposes, this could become a serious issue.

 I can think of as being hypothetical is that YouTube

Another reason that I can think of as being hypothetical is that YouTube would have to charge more money for its functionality to remain the same. Everyone who visits the site regularly would still be expecting to see their favorite videos in the normal player. Therefore, it would only make sense for the company to implement this change with a one-time payment or subscription fee. The change would only cost the company money instead of the user’s money.

But would it still be worth it to have YouTube fullscreen? It might seem like an unnecessary go to website expense to pay, but consider this scenario. Imagine you are at work and you get an unexpected video to watch. Instead of just viewing the video in the small player window you were viewing before, you now have the option to view it in the fullscreen format. This could save you a lot of time going back and forth between the two players.

In addition to saving time, you would also likely save money with the new setup. Many companies have been noticing increased sales due to more conversion from web visitors into buyers. By offering a full-screen format to YouTube visitors, you would encourage more interest in your products. This would make you and your business appear more attractive to potential customers and would likely increase the number of sales.

In addition to attracting more site visitors,

In addition to attracting more site visitors, you would also be attracting more potential buyers. When your site visitors are offered the option to view a video in either the small player or the full-screen format, they are more likely to make the choice that is in their best interest. For example, imagine you are a site visitor who finds a particular video on YouTube. While browsing around, you notice a particular video that interests you. Without being able to open it in the fullscreen format, you are unable to view this video.

However, by being able to view the video in the fullscreen format, you can do so. Your site visitors will no longer miss the video out of curiosity. Instead, they will see the video and be able to click on the link to visit your website. The video may not even load properly, but your website visitors will still be able to enjoy the video. Because they were able to watch the video, they may be more inclined to purchase a product from your website.

With the new setup of YouTube, there will be a greater number of site visitors. Yet, there is still the question that will keep on haunting your mind. Will the increased traffic result in an increase in sales? It is possible that you will experience a greater conversion rate as well. If you have seen conversion rates falling, you should take a look at your video file. This may not necessarily be a problem, but if your conversion rate is decreasing, it might be time for you to consider converting your video file to something a little more friendly to your visitors.

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