How To Test Your Cholesterol With Cholesterol Testing Kit

Cholesterol testing kit

Cholesterol testing kit are recommended by medical professionals to patients having high levels of cholesterols. This kit can be easily used at homes as well. It eliminates the need for a doctor who can check your levels. The results in the reports from the labs can take some time to come. Using these kits will help you in staying updated on the spot. This article will describe the process of testing your cholesterol levels by using these kits.


What Is A Cholesterol Kit Test? 


FCP Medical explains the importance of cholesterol tests. Keeping a check on your cholesterol levels helps you in maintaining your health. We all know that high levels of cholesterol can decrease the overall functioning of the body. You may be at stake for many diseases when you have high levels of cholesterol. To make things easier for you, experts have made a cholesterol checking kit. It gives you the benefit of checking your cholesterol levels in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to a doctor and sign up for an appointment to find out these levels.


The waiting list at the doctor is annoying, and it causes anxiety. You can use this kit to know the results at home. Many labs that are offering the services for taking the tests for cholesterol take a long time to tell the results. If you want to avoid the waiting period, you should get cholesterol monitoring kits. Many healthcare providers suggest having these kits at home to stay updated about the levels.


How To Use It? 


These kits are easily available at pharmacy stores and medical stores. The kit consists of two things. One is the lancet, and the other is the blood drawing strips. Lancet is present to prick your finger with it. Once you have pricked it, the blood will be placed on the strip. The droplet of blood containing cholesterol will change its color after few minutes. Now you can compare this strip to the color guide provided with the kit to know the levels of cholesterol.


The color guide will show if you have higher or lower levels. The new cholesterol kits are coming with an attached electrometer. When you are done taking the blood strips, you have to put them in the electrometer. It will show the readings instantly. The electrometer works similarly to the electrometer of the diabetes checker. It gives you the reading quickly. These kits are getting more popular than paper kits. These are reliable as well.


What Do The Result Shows? 


The levels of cholesterol determine the chances for the underlying diseases that you can have. It also helps your doctors in prescribing medications. Heart attack and stroke are common conditions caused by elevated levels of cholesterol. If you have a high level shown by kits, it means that there is some serious condition. Consult your doctor immediately if there is a rise in these levels. Once you have the idea about your levels, you will constantly get them checked up. It helps you in staying healthy as well. You can tell your doctor about the reading and you both can co-ordinate in letting you move towards a better life. You can also start taking measures to keep the ranges of cholesterol normal. Another important thing to remember is that you should not only rely on these tests.


Are The Results Reliable? 


Most of the time, these results are reliable. The results can vary sometimes. It also depends on the type of kit you are using. If you are using kits from a reliable source, you will have the right levels. The kits from well-known companies tell that they are 95% accurate. The chances of them being incorrect are still 5%. For example, constantly having the same results mean that you need to consult your doctor. When you are at a doctor, they examine other things as well. These things include the assessment of weight, physical health, and many other factors. This complete examination will let you know more about your health as compared to the kits. Family history with the increase in the level s of cholesterol can cause problems that this kit will not be able to tell.


Are These Kits Approved By FDA? 


Most of these kits are approved by FDA. The companies dealing with these kits always mention on the packaging that they are FDA approved. Whenever you have to buy these kits, make sure that you read the guidelines first. It will help you in having an idea about their authenticity. FDA has issued criteria for testing the levels of cholesterols, and many companies are following it. FDA has also issued a database on their website for the authentic kits. You can check the website to be sure about choosing which kit to use. The more accurate kit you will use, the better results it will show.


A cholesterol testing kit is a helpful way of letting you know about the levels of cholesterol in your body. You can always use the kits at home at your convenience. The lancets and strips will help you in drawing blood. You can match the readings with the given guidelines or used an electrometer kit. These results are reliable in most cases. You can also see the FDA website to use only FDA-approved kits.



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