How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat

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As we know that today’s generation is crazy about following trends and all the things that make them feel superior around their friends. These things where are good for our children but as well setting a minor setback for our generation too. In this article, we’ll see how Snapchat has affected our new generation life and why is it so popular among teenagers, and what’s it dark and bad, we will get to know its useful and timewasting aspects at the same time some people refer to Snapchat as “trash” let’s dig deeper to find out why is it so, you’ll also get to know how to make a Snapchat profile which is so easy and how to convert it to the public or to convert it to private from public and how you could bend this app to your needs.

What is Snapchat and who created it?

As we can clearly see nowadays even a toddler has a personal phone due to the fact that each human owns a smartphone due to the fact big business industries saw this as a beneficial point to earn more money but how so? as many smartphones as any downloads or their apps. Such big industries of business have established such apps that mobile users feel essential to have in their phones, they feel convenient to have those apps in their phones so that they could interact with their fellows and have a little fun after leading such a stressful day. After Facebook, Instagram we now have Snapchat that started its journey just as a simple camera app but with the passage of time the developers keep adding updates so that people wouldn’t leave the platform. In everyday downloads, few of the most renowned charts show that Snapchat tops its Top 5 charts every day with having approx. 280 million downloads in early 2021. Snapchat was developed by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown Poster, and Bobby Murphy in the year 2011 as a free camera filter app with gained much popularity and the CEO of Snapchat is  Evan Spiegel and the headquarters is in San Francisco. These days Snapchat trend on Twitter and is a hot topic for high school kids, in Snapchat, there is a streak system, users send each other pictures which appear for a limited time and then disappear it results in earning them points which is a gateway for unlocking more interesting filters. Dog filter is quite famous among users and tiara’s everybody’s favorite.



Snapchat: Why it is so popular among teenagers?

We can see that everybody is desperate to keep up with the trend so for that purpose teenagers take interest in such apps, as they stay connected to their friends and mostly in this pandemic situation, due to the closure of school and lockdown in public restaurants they dint get to meet with their friends due to which with the usage of apps they can see and tell what their friends have been unto and what they are doing with their life, they can chat them, call them, share pictures with each other and can also facetime them. These apps where ever are good and beneficial for the people and help them join and connect with their fellows and the apps allow the users to connect with their family or friends who stay at a distance but at the same time social media has some dark effects on the life on young minds and they get stubborn and bad we will discuss the side effects of social media but especially Snapchat and why some parents don’t like when their children use Snapchat keep reading to find out.


Snapchat: How to make a Snapchat account and how to convert a private account to public or inverse.

You can make a Snapchat account simply by downloading the app and using your Facebook account of any email id .

Following are two methods to make a public profile and if you already have a profile then how to convert it into public.

Steps to make a Public profile on Snapchat.

  1. Open Snapchat and click on the profile icon on the top left of your screen
  2. There now appears a new option “add to map”
  3. Tap on the 3 dot icon beside this.
  4. Now tap on “create public profile”.

Steps to convert your account into public.

  1. Open the Snapchat and click on the top left icon which is your own profile icon
  2. Once you do that “gear’ appears on the top right side and click on it.
  3. See for the “who can” section and make the changes you like.
  • Contact Me: Everyone
  • Send me notification: Everyone
  • View my story: Everyone
  • See my location: Everyone
  • Use my cameos Selfie: Everyone
  • See me in Quick Add: Turned on

Snapchat: In which it works better,

                           Android VS iPhone.


Few of the researches tell us that apps work differently in both iOS and Android and the main reason behind this is the system encrypted inside them but we researched into this to find out which smartphone is more supportive in handling Snapchat.


  • It can be seen that when there is a new update the user faces a glitch problem in which the app doesn’t respond and the users know that there might be a new update so then they go and update it from google play store whereas the users who have set up the app on auto-update do feel a bit downloading filter issue but their app just work fine.
  • The filter quality and loading criteria in the android phone of Snapchat are not supporting, where the users see that their photos have pixels issues with their photos.
  • The update sometimes needs more space than a usual phone might have which results that users have to delete most of the data of photos or they simplify just give up on the app.


  • The filters don’t have any type of loading issue or pixel issues.
  • There is a very low rate of glitches in iPhone and android has a very high rate.
  • iPhone users usually brag about the fact that they get the new updates much sooner than android users which is a plus point for Snapchat users.

So in conclusion iPhone users are lucky in having Snapchat on their phones.

Hope this article has helped you all a lot, we have tried our level best to add every bit of the information we know about Snapchat and its uses.

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