What is “WordPress” and what purpose does it have?

As we grow in the day in the modern world, we see that there are different things which need help to be dealt with, like if we see that networking, online marketing e-commerce has taken a big role especially on the influencers, the freelancers, the people who don’t work for any firm but work independently have more income then the actual officers who are infirm and the monthly income is much higher than the regular ones. So, for that purpose, for the purpose of generating more money to have a good livelihood, it is really important to know about every app every website that could help you draw your business one of which app is WordPress.

WordPress was established in 2003 as a place for free blogging or for creating a website by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who later continued to run WordPress.org which makes it free for anyone and everyone to use it for their own personal need whether to earn money by blogging or modifying their website by using extraordinary features which WordPress has to offer.

We have seen that word presses are a good website or app that allows bloggers to write their blogs and have a good audience and if they have a good audience and reading rate then through the number of audiences, they are allowed to generate money from that and secondly WordPress is a website for promoting and designing your business. It is a website for creating your business it works very well and it is affordable for everyone it has multiple features that allow you to generate good fortune.

WordPress: A free source to use and modify.

We can see WordPress as an open-source with a handful of features with their usage totally free for anybody and everybody no matter they are beginners or professionals, WordPress is open to everybody who is willing to work it for doing good, and here is to create a good environment for everyone else, WordPress as a blogging site is really informative and authentic site to get information stay up to date and if you are lucky to find the writer who writes amazing poetry or story which can be fantasy based and if you are a nerd that it can be very good for you, you can read wherever and whenever you want to and same it is for writing purpose, you can write in your leisure and upload it in the website of WordPress and let you readers know what is going on in your mind. WordPress has made a good platform for people all around the world to connect with them and showcase them with your words and make them a part of your reading and writing community, it’s really good that writers got to showcase their work, they get to follow their desire and the good thing they appreciate and you get paid when you have a good audience who read your latest and interesting blogs.



WordPress: A Licensed website.

WordPress is an authentic and genuine website that is licensed under General Public License, which allows anyone to not only help themselves with the website’s extraordinary tools and feature but also to modify their project and bend it to their interests and needs.

WordPress allows the users to create and modify their websites as they like them to be and considering the reason that it allows the user to improve, it has the backup of a large and increasing community of bloggers, freelancers, designers, developers day by day. They all choose WordPress for their own purposes because they sense it is easy to use and help with their work. WordPress even organize events for new members so that they could learn about how to use WordPress and solve their problems with using it. It’s named WordPress Camps. WordPress is a friendly platform that allows all the users to freely use the website whether they are professionals or beginners so that they could contribute in their way of making WordPress better day by day and keep it upgraded.

WordPress can be downloaded at any time or installed as a part of a web hosting package. No matter how the app is installed or whether you are using the website on a computer it’s completely free.

WordPress: Reason for popularity.

There are so many useful features of WordPress that make it popular among writers and bloggers and it makes the website attractive among readers and writers and other kinds of Internet Publishers one of which is that WordPress is freely and purely available in all the regions of the world and this availability helps the bloggers to have a greater audience all around the globe and attract readers who are wherever they live, it makes the blogger famous in different areas and the readers also share their work which results in more of their recognition, it also helps them to get a bigger gig in their writing life and they could probably get a job in professional reporting or even in journalism.

Now Word Press is the platform of choice for a long list of household names including Sony Music, Variety, Time, Inc, and the Disney company, and including millions of smaller businesses and personal sites. The most latest version of WordPress has been downloaded over 22 million so far and day by day the figures are increasing.

One of the main reasons seeing why WordPress is so popular is due to the fact that its virtual flexibility is endless.

WordPress comes with an astonishing gallery of themes that are absolutely free of cost to use making WordPress liked by the users even more and this all contributes to the facts and promising outcomes of the WordPress website which is growing its community day by day and making it easy for their users to have all the features at one go.








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